Supporting Local Businesses,

Open House Kent places Sponsorship High on its importance list.

Local Organisations and Local Schools are placed High on our agenda. We are currently extremely proud to sponsor and support:

Open House Kent are pleased to sponsor the listed events below:
Please like our Facebook page as the events have been professionally created and offer an open invitation for everyone to attend - admission details are also stated for your information.

  • 8 June 2019 (Bredgar School Fete)
  • 13 July 2019 (Tunstall School Fete)
  • 23 June 2019 - (Sporting Tree Foundation) Mega Fun Day at The Appleyard
  • 22 June 2019 (Grove Park Summer Fayre)
  • 30 November 2019 (Sporting Tree Foundation Annual Champagne Gala)