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Property in Spain

Home to sun, sea, beaches and tapas - and a long standing favourite with Brits - Spain holds strong as the most popular overseas destinations for holidaymakers and investors alike! The lure of the dream villa in Spain is still as strong as ever with more Brits having bought property in Spain in order to regularly holiday there or relocate permanently. With villas, fincas, apartments and larger houses for sale, there is a great range of property in Spain.


Property in Almeria

Property in Almería has traditionally been the cheapest on this stretch of Spanish coast, with homes costing a fraction of that a couple of hundred kilometres west or north. So what do you get for your not-many euros?

You get a desert brought to bloom in the most delightful way in resorts like Desert Springs. You get beaches where, unlike the Costa del Sol, no-one’s judging you on what you’re wearing, or even if you’re wearing anything at all at the many naturist beaches.

You get the bohemian temperament of Mojacar, and ready-made expat communities both inland and on the coast that are just a little bit more relaxed than in the Costa Blanca. You get adventurous and affordable options such as cave homes, or big country properties baking in the heat but just waiting to be converted into ranch-style houses that look like they could come straight out of California or New Mexico.

Almería is hot. The city of Almería is not only the driest city in continental Europe but also the only one never to have a recorded temperature below 0ºC. In summer the temperature hits 30ºC most days, but they know how to live in the heat here; in 2007 they made the world’s largest ever salad, weighing more than 95 average adult Spaniards. So they know how to have fun in Almería too!

Property in Jaen

Jaen is a city that every lover of Andalucia should visit, enjoy and - if possible - spend a good deal of time getting to know. Not only does the city have an ancient and fascinating history, but the castle that towers over its winding streets offers some of the most quintessentially Andalusian views there are to be had.
Stand at a prime lookout point at the top of the Santa Catalina castle and you will look down on a charming provincial capital that drapes over hills thus sending streets winding up and down steep inclines. From here you'll also enjoy the towns architecture and monuments. Fields and olive groves sweep out beyond the town and as you turn to the south and southeast, the spectacular peaks of the Sierra de Jaen and Jabalcuz rise and fall in the castle's backdrop. And if you find these views too breathtaking to enjoy for only a few moments, stop in at the Parador. There may be a castle room with a view just waiting for you.

Property in Murcia

Murica has many beautiful locations within its borders that are surrounded with wonderful villages packed with Spanish culture. You will find Spanish towns that are rich with history and bohemian architecture, acres of golden sandy beaches and crystal blue oceans. This destination is much more relaxed compared to its neighboring Costa locations.
Murcia is known as the garden market of Europe because of its famous fresh fruit and vegetables.  The World Health Organisation have named the Murcia province as the cleanest in Spain. Accessed from both Alicante airport and San Javier airport on the coast, a third airport at Covera is soon to open.
The towns that are now becoming more popular around the Mar Menor with home buyers are, Santiago de la Ribera, San Javier, Los Alcazeras, Los Nietos, Los Urriutas, and Los Belones, The golf resorts at La Torre, Mar Menor, Hacienda Requellme, and Hacienda del Alamo. Murcia City and Cartagena offer fantastic history and architecture that one must see and appreciate.