Sporting Tree Foundation Charity

Open House Kent's supported registered charity

Who are Sporting Tree Foundation?:

STF is a grant making charity supporting young people open doors to pathways in sports and dance.

Their charitable objectives include supporting young people through sporting organisations across Kent, London and Essex, in order to promote healthy recreation and wellbeing within the community.

Many of the young people that they look to support come from deprived or difficult backgrounds and take part in sports or dance as a way of social inclusion and escapism from pressure to make poor life choices.

STF aim to provide education for young people in order to help them understand the importance of fitness and healthy living in order to maintain a focused and purposeful lifestyle throughout what can be the most difficult period of their young lives.

They believe that no child should be denied the opportunity to take part in something as simple as an after school sports club or dance class due to restrictions around access to funds.

Why do we support STF?:

STF Charity not only support children from difficult backgrounds; they also provide events and entertainment for the local community within Sittingbourne.
The volunteers and committee members of the charity go the extra mile to support their beneficiaries, and take pride in making a difference to the lives of young people and those who need support.

How can we get involved?:

You can get involved with the charity via a number of different ways from a one off donation, to hosting your own event to raise funds. To find out more about the charity, you can:

  • Visit their website at
  • Send them an email at
  • Come down to their Office at Excelsior House to have a face to face discussion
  • Find their Facebook page here